Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Help us build our school and give our children a future.

Frontline F – The Zanmi project, the story to date

Our school, our orphanage, our land our kids.  Click here – together we can make a difference…

Feed the hungry tummies

It takes so little to do so much.

ACTS and Frontline Fashion believe that no child or adult should go hungry when we can do something about it.

Making a difference, once child at a time.

Frontline F has partnered with ACTS to make the Zanmi project, in Haiti, become a reality. Watch our video to see what we got up to!

Humanity is Always in Style

A t-shirt can change the world! Visit the shop and style yourself for a better future.

Brick by brick, build a better future.

The Zanmi Project aims to help build a better future for the people of Haiti. Find out how.