10 – Art Therapy

Once a week we take the young school children for an arts and craft session. It’s regarded as a way to help them express some of the feelings they have about living in their testing environment. We encourage happiness within our class, be it through singing, dancing or painting with bright colours and this week we decided to make Mother’s Day cards for the children to take home.
I made 80 card templates and wrote on them the words maman mwen,kontan manman jou, mwen renmen ou.


We then drew round each of the children’s hands on the front of the card and armed them with the necessary tools for them to create their masterpiece. Ok, so glitter glue isn’t the best idea and they had much more fun covering themselves in it than using it on the cards, but it wasn’t a complete disaster and every mum got a unique card.

art therapy5


 Sharing is a new concept for most of the children here and it’s difficult to draw flowers on 20 cards simultaneously.  I then got them to form a quiet queue and made them line up to allow me to wash as much of the sparkly goo off them before they went home. Actually, today’s activity was a blast and we all really enjoyed it. When collecting all the materials at the end of the session, it was brought to my attention that a large number of crayons were missing. One little girl had stuffed as many coloured crayons in her pants and was edging cautiously towards the exit before I spied her.

art therapy7

art therapy6
art therapy4

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