15 – Weekend in Montrouis

Breakfast is at 6am and we have packed our rucksacks ready to be collected at 7am.

P1814_2305108x6At just before 7am, we here blaring, upbeat music coming from outside the compound – our transport has arrived. We all squeal with delight and the excitement has definitely gone up a notch. We can’t hear ourselves think and the vibration is going right through us, but we love every second of it. Our adventure begins and we head off to the unknown.

We can’t find the hotel we had planned to go to so we relocate to another, Club Indigo when we stumble upon it. The boys have a great time and love the water. We have a few beers and teach them to swim.

The boys are struggling with the notion that they should have fun, as they feel bad for their families, their brothers and sisters who do not get to share this moment with them. I promise to give them all photos as a reminder, which they can share / give to their family.

After dinner (which only lasted 20mins as none of us were used to being up past 8pm) we were ready to call it a night when Bev got dragged onto the dance floor. We struggled with whether to save her or film it – we chose to catch it on film….

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