9 – Ecole Shalom

ecole shalom2


I have been experiencing incredible pains in my stomach and feel incredibly tired.

I am excited to see that both Robinson and Leslie have turned up at school at 6am just so they don’t have to share me with the other pupils and can get my undivided one-to-one attention. They basically just want a cuddle and to do some colouring in. The day before, I had given them a colouring book and some crayons (as a secret). They sit on my knee and we cuddle and colour in silence.

ecole shalom4

The other pupils arrive around 7.15am knocking each other off their feet and running towards me screaming my name. School starts at 8am, when the hand-held bell is rung.

ecole shalom3


They sing their morning song (the national anthem?) and raise the Haitian flag high above what remains of the school. This ritual is carried out every day and is the cutest thing in the world.

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