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Just recently I came across a fantastic  brand that looks after the whole family. All the products are based around Aloe Vera and are herbicide and pesticide free. In this time of healthy living and wanting a greater understanding about the ingredients we put on and into our bodies, I delved a little deeper.  Another reason it resonated with me is that you can actually earn some money from Amazing Forever from home which allows mums to still put their children first, but also earn a bit of cash for themselves. I caught up with Michelle who represents the brand in Dubai.

Here’s what Michelle had to say:

My business is called Amazing Forever.

I am very lucky as it’s a home based business which allows me to be a full time stay at home mum to my 2 beautiful young children, Daniel & Ava.

I work my business around my 2 young children so that I don’t miss out on any part of their growing up !!!

I work in the health and wellness industry recommending fantastic products to people to help them look and feel better within themselves. The products are all based around the aloe vera plant & bee products. They are all herbicide and pesticide free and are suitable for the whole family including your pets.

I am also very fortunate as I get to help other mums like myself set up their own home based business’s around the spare pockets of time they have with their children. I help professionals who want to earn some extra income so they have more financial freedom.

I do this under the umbrella of a fantastic business that has been around for 38 years & and is in 160 countries worldwide. It has won many awards like the “Investors in People” award in the UK and the Direct Selling Association” in Dubai.

I get great satisfaction working my business as I am helping people either through the products so that they can look and feel better or through setting up their own business giving them more financial freedom.

If you want to find out more about the portfolio of products, or fancy the idea of working with the brand, contact Michelle at or on Facebook Amazing-Forever or 052 665 1966.

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