Bonpoint Pour Le Printemps

For the first time ever this historical and iconic address of Parisian fashion has chosen children’s fashion brands as their partner for this special and enchanting time of the year. As such, the world of Bonpoint will be revealed in one of the animated window displays of the department store as well as taking over the Atrium in Printemps Mode on Boulevard Haussmann.

It goes without saying these two inter-generational institutions that share a taste for excellence will be offering a dreamy performance imbued with humour and poetry highlighting the meticulous beauty, the passion for quality and the attention to detail so dear to Bonpoint.

Without taking itself too seriously, the House of Bonpoint loves to tell little stories and bring out emotions through its window displays, always permeated with a delicate creativity. Quite naturally the mischievous Cerise doll, mascot at the House, is to be the heroine of the Printemps Haussmann window display. Childish and clumsy, on a tightrope, stilts, or performing balancing acts, she is the ‘daredevil’ of dream characters. She illustrates a section of the wonderful journey embarked on by two children, Jules and Violette, the night before Christmas, through the heart of the Parisian department store.


Because there is no age limit when it comes to the magic of Christmas, Bonpoint has thought of the young girls and has created an ensemble of cute gifts. A pretty nail polish and a lip gloss delicately perfumed with cherry of course.


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