Building Babby a home

Babby says thank you.

We have previously alerted you to the fact that the market sale was a mammoth success and that we had reached our $500 target to enable Babby and family, to start rebuilding their home.

We can now report with glee and gladness, that the money has been wired to Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, and has been collected by Babby.
This was only possible due to the generosity of you dear friends.
45648_10100237966145753_2231248_58844373_5397651_nBabby has sent a little message, of his own, to say thank you:
“Melissa the raining back again still problem for me at night is problem for me don’t lost time to send money for me my friend. Thank you a lot God bless you.
Yes thank you lot, i got it easy in this morning.
Thank you a lot my friend Melissa God bless you and your friends take of yourself.”
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