Can Sculpsure help my mummy tummy?

We have all experienced it. As we get older most of us have a challenging relationship with our bodies and weight. For most of us, especially after forty, the connection just isn’t what it used to be and even with diet and exercise, there are just some stubborn bits that refuse to move.

When I heard about the latest noninvasive fat fighter,  Sculpsure, I thought it sounded ideal to help with my mummy tummy pouch. Whilst mummy hood has its privileges, my tummy just hasn’t been the same even though the rest of my body is back to normal.

The biggest point of difference between SculpSure and other devices on the market is the way they go at the fat. “SculpSure utilizes a diode laser technology to obliterate fat under the skin. The laser energy is transmitted through the skin and then absorbed by the fatty tissue, which is the main target. In doing so, the energy is absorbed by the fatty layer creating heat, which in turn destroys the fat cells.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of pain over the next 25 minutes (that’s how long each treatment area lasts). I hopped up on the table and got hooked up to the machine, which involved a belt of sorts that went around my waist and two applicators that hooked into them. A further two applicators were attached to my ‘love handles’ Once everything was in place and tightened up so that it wouldn’t move during the treatment, we got started. The first few seconds felt like nothing and I thought to myself that it would be a breeze. But, I was wrong. As the device started to heat up, I started to notice discomfort, and fast.

One of the brackets on my ‘love handles’ wasn’t fitting quite right and it felt like I was getting electric shocks and a power drill being drilled straight into my hip bone. The other three applicators were painful but bearable. After 10 mins they finally got the issue fixed so the remaining time was manageable. It gets very hot, but then a cooling system kicks in and numbs some of the discomfort.

The next day, I definitely felt tender in the treated areas and a little bloated and swollen in my stomach, which was to be expected. You can sometimes get some areas that are a little firm after the treatment, which is totally fine. I was told to massage those spots for a few days to up to one week to aid the lymphatics.

We should see the results in 12 weeks, so all I can say is watch this space.

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