Cryotherapy: the latest health craze which involves chilling out – more like freezing your butt off!

ice queenI have been aware of new cryothereapy treatments for some time now and to be honest, put it down to another silly fad that will be over in twelve months.

However, when the kind people from Ice Queen in JLT (Dubai) asked me to come and see for myself and used the magic words “the treatment was introduced as a way to procure relaxation, reduce stress, improve sleep disorders and dramatically improve jet lag, ” (music to a mothers ears) I decide to delve a little deeper and look into why this ‘silly fad’ was not going away and had an abundance of fans from normal people, to athletes and celebs all singing its praises.

It turns out that sports individuals and dancers have been using this treatment for yonks to help recover from injuries and to keep their bodies in tip top condition. So it’s not new at all.

According to ICEQUEEN Cryotherapy’s Physician & Cryotherapist Head Dr. Olga Shuppo, “The main advantage of cryotherapy of the innovated ICEQUEEN cryocapsule is that the cold effect on the whole surface of the body provides maximum coverage at temperatures from -100 down to -170 С.”

Cryotherapy involves getting into a cryo capsule (with your head poking out to avoid getting frostbite) filled with liquid nitrogen with temps between -120 and -170 degrees centigrade. The benefits are insane — after a one super-speedy two minute session, you’ll increase your metabolism, fix skin conditions, ease your muscles, improve your mood and reduce your cellulite. All you have to do is hang tight for a few (brr-inducing) minutes! It forces your body to dip dramatically in heat. After freezing for a few minutes, your body pumps blood like crazy. You then do a short warm-up to get your circulation back to normal, and voila! — you’ll be feeling good.

Hollywood celebrities are falling in love with Cryotherapy’s innovative treatment for its beneficial wellbeing and beauty results. Hollywood celebrities including Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston are flocking to their nearest Cryotherapy facilities to try out the treatment for themselves. While Cryotherapy has innumerable health benefits it’s beauty benefits are just as vast and is taking the beauty industry by storm! One of the biggest advantages of having a Cryotherapy session is its many skin benefits. Cryotherapy transforms dry and dull complexions to flawless and radiant almost immediately. The cold air vapor from the Cryochamber closes pores, which prevents important oils from being lost resulting in softer skin. The shrinkage of pores also prevents oil and dirt from building up which results in smooth, acne free skin.


This is for everyone, we can all benefit. Cryotherapy is ideal for sportsmen, frequent travellers or people engaged in physically exhausting jobs as treatments help to recover from stress, relieves fatigue, helps adjust to different time zones, normalizes sleep, fights depression and insomnia, giving you, at the same time, a state of bliss thanks to the release of endorphins after the procedure.

This one is for you too mums!! It helps with all the aliments we suffer from daily, only takes two minutes and is actually affordable. If you are able to give yourself a treat to make you feel more like you, I strongly urge you to give this a go!

Come back next week to see how I got on with the Cryo Facial.

Don’t feel left out boys, this is for you too. Fans include

Daniel Craig

Cristiano Ronaldo

Derek Hough

LeBron James

Floyd Mayweather

The Italian Rugby Team

lindsay lohan

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