Cup kiss your body to health

Listen up ladies, this is one treatment that you will all want to try. Although, I have been toying with myself to share my blissful experience as I want to keep this little therapy gem all to myself.

When I try a new treatment, I make a conscious effort not to read any material I have been sent so as to ensure that my experience in unbiased or uninfluenced.

Now we have all heard of ‘cupping’ ever since Gwyneth Paltrow appeared with the circle marks on her back when gracing the red carpet. Chinese cupping therapy is an ancient form of medicine and dates back thousands of years. With an abundance of health and slimming benefits, including helping to ease pain and inflammation, encouraging blood flow and boosting relaxation. Thus, I was pretty sure the new Cup Kiss full body massage wasn’t a gimmick and was keen to give it a go.

Boy was I in for a treat, I felt like I was being cup-kissed all over from head to toe. I entered the treatment room, stressed, grumpy and tense and within minutes it felt like all the negativity was being sucked out of me.

As well as completing a relaxing 90 min massage, the experienced therapist placed special silicone vacuum cups on my skin to create suction. As the vacuum cups are squeezed, excess fluids and toxins were drained, and the overall appearance of my skin was being improved -the continuous movement of the cups is what avoids the bruising.

This treatment targets everything in one go:
reducing cellulite
promoting weight loss
detoxification by removing toxins and impurities
improve circulation
soothing and hydrating

Every part of me was kissed, from head to toe – even my face and my bad mood had lifted. I felt so relaxed and happy that I literally couldn’t stop smiling for the next couple of hours. My wobbly bits have a little less jiggle and my skin is definitely softer and smoother.

As with all great treatments, one is usually recommended to carry them out at least once a week in order to see and maintain the effects and benefits. This can be tricky when you simply don’t have the time or the money to keep up the routine. However, as if I wasn’t signing the praises of this enough, it’s suggested that you enjoy this just once a month which is totally affordable and you are more likely to keep your appointments.

I really do feel like I am sharing the best secret ever and hope you get a chance to experience this. This is ideal for getting your body and mind prepped for the festive season or (if you live somewhere nice and warm) perfect to get your body beach season ready.

I tried this at Tips and Toes JBR. Throughout November, you can enjoy this salubrious service on its own for just AED 275 (usually AED 320), or as a 5 to 15-minute add-on to your favourite treatment from just AED 45.
To find your nearest branch, or further information – log on to or call 04 399 0550.

Favoured by many Olympians at this year’s games, you can now join the stars and feel your stress levels decrease and muscles loosen while indulging in the latest in-demand treatment.

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