Damage, donations and determination!

As if the quake 9 months ago didn’t cause enough damage, the storms that hit Haiti just a couple of weeks ago were a further difficulty that could definitely be done without.

The situation for the homeless in Port-au-Prince is so grim that a 10-minute rain storm with high winds on Sept. 24 ended in yet more tragedy. The devastating downpours and gales left at least five people dead, hundreds injured and thousands of shelters — tents, tarps and sheets — destroyed.


Eight months after the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12, between 1.5 and 2 million people are still living in temporary shelters in over 1,000 and sites scattered throughout the city. Rain leaves many sites filled with mud, with large pools of standing water. Sanitation — garbage disposal and waste facilities — are hit or miss. Many homeless in Port-au-Prince have trouble finding drinkable water and enough food for themselves and their families. Jobs are few and far between.



Haitians have a proud history, filled with bravery and courage in resisting tyranny and oppression that at the time seemed overwhelming. They smashed the French army that Napoleon sent to re-enslave them. They resisted the 1915-1934 U.S. occupation. They resisted the U.S.-backed Duvaliers. They elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1990.

Reconstructing Haiti after the devastation of Jan. 12 is another epic challenge for the Haitian people.BABBY 1
Donatin ‘Babby’ Erick, is just one of these people who, has to rebuild his home again. He is one of the lucky people who has been able to do this with the help of your generous donations. Within two days of receiving the money we sent him, supplies were purchased and work on the new family house had begun. He is so keen to show how grateful he is, being able to get this project started, that he has enlisted some friends to take pictures and send them to us to show the progress.


Message from Babby:

“Yes i know on monday i bigining with my brother, before i bigining i show you underground,after i will show you, believe in me my friend. Melissa thank you, a lot! a lot! a lot! GOD still bless you and your friends and your husband and your family. Love for you and peace for you. Thank you thank you.

Melissa hear my voice my friend you never lost it you make for me.(not tomorrow only wednesday for photos ) . God bless you and your friends heping you to help me my friend 1 million thank you.”


We can help one person, one family at a time!

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