Dr Levy uses stem cell research to turn back time

Science background with molecules

Beauty rituals are becoming more advanced and not so much of a luxury anymore. We only have to look at the number of people, the number of our friends (not me) who get regular Botox and only see it as just part of their frequent beauty regime.

What about those of us who want to look our best without injectables? What about those of us who are of a certain age and want to turn back time just a little? Not to the extreme, but just so we can be the best version of ourselves,  so that our skin radiates health and vitality rather than a relative of Yoda.

There are a plethora of things on the market with exaggerated claims of what miracles they can perform, but just how many of them can do as they claim – especially when they possess a hefty price-tag? Does more expensive been better results?

I’ve never found that this is necessarily true and just recently I have been introduced to something that can regenerate and repair (without invasive procedures) and it’s all thanks to stem cells.

This stuff is very potent, seriously impressive and really, really works. It isn’t cheap, but for once the price-tag is relative to the results.

The Number One Botox Doctor is Switzerland (sine 1995) has introduced the world’s first skin care scientifically proven to boost dermal stem cells, the most powerful cosme-medical ingredients to awaken the skin’s own regenerating potential.

Cells are like a time machine, they not only remember their youth, but that can actually go back in time, all they need it a wakeup call. This is because derma stem cells are the mother cells of fibroblasts, the skin’s natural factory of those anti-wrinkle fighters – collagen and elastin.

There’s a lot of technical stuff and scientific jargon involved so I will try and break this down and make it a little more easy to digest. Your skin’s most important time machines are in its stem cells, which slow down and become tired over time. Dr levy ArganCellActiv complex with ArganCDV is the first formula scientifically proven to boost the vitality of dermal stem cells, indispensible to your skin’s firmness, radiance and smoothness.


Until now, he has showcased 5 unique intense stem cell products which are significant players in the anti-ageing world, but now he has introduced a 3Deep Cell Renewing Cleanser that not only works magic on its own, but allows the other products to penetrate more deeply and provide even better results.


The 3Deep Cleanser which is both a make-up remover and a skin cleanser acts on three fronts simultaneously:

1 – Double Micro-resurfacing
2  – Anti-ageing Cellular Renewal
3 – Skin Hydration and Smoothing

and you can use it in three ways:

1 – Gentle cleansing, use twice daily on wet skin
2 – Intensive micro-resurfacing, use twice daily on dry skin
3 – Skin-renewing Fast-Mask, use max 3 times a week on dry skin and leave for 5 mins. This is what I do and it’s worth noticing it’s not for sensitive skin

So stem cells are definitively the way forward, it’s not cheap, but it does work.

Eye Booster Concentrate – 165GBP
Booster Serum – 280GBP
Booster Cream – 290GBP
Enriched Booster Cream – 310GBP
Décolletage Regenerating Silk – 290GBP

NEW 3DEEP Cell Renewal Micro-Resurface Cleanser – 39GBP

I’m looking forward to chatting with the team some more to find out the best regime using these stem cell goodies  to help by skin radiate health and maybe take a few lines away.

These little miracles are available exclusively from the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont The Palm, Dubai

Just recently mum was treated to a Dr Rakus Black Diamond HydraFacial using these products and the results were amazing.
Click here to see full story.

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