“Education is filled with our greatest hope in the world – children”

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Frontline F and ACTS are committed to supporting Haiti’s efforts to improve access to quality basic education. Our ACTS school in Haiti has made a difference in lives.

We are providing education for 400 children in our school that we are sponsoring.  We have established an English class in the school that will provide for a great opportunity for each child’s future.  ACTS is paying for the teachers, food and for the school supplies that help to provide the education for these 100 children.

We are in construction of another school that will help a community in Laffiteau.  This will provide a great education,  healthy meals and much needed medical care for the  neglected and poor children that would otherwise not have this opportunity provided to them.  This will help to reduce or eliminate the cycle of poverty in the lives of the children in this community. This is how you can help. Just $35 can send one of our children to school for a month to give an education and a future.

Sponsor a Student Today!

Students come to school each day and then return home to live with their families.  We have outstanding teachers who create an incredible learning environment for each child.  Student sponsorship is $35 per month. Your sponsorship provides a quality education and the following:

  • Registration
  • School uniforms
  • Books
  • Teachers & Administrative salaries
  • School supplies

We need your help.  Your donation of $1.16 per day changes a life forever.

What you will receive from your child:

  • School Photo and updated photos throughout the year
  • Year end report card
  • Letters from your child
  • Witness a life changed
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