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The ACTS school is almost complete

Amazing news – the ACTS new school is almost complete ready for the school year in 2 weeks. With your help we can educate and build a brighter future for 300 kids this year.
We need:
100 desks (3 kids can sit at each desk) $1000 / AED3675 /GBP645
6 tables $218 / AED800 /GBP140
300 chairs $1800 / AED6615 /GBP1855
14 chalkboards $126 / AED465 /GBP80
Uniforms 300 $1800 / AED6615 / GBP1855
Misc. chalk, erasers, paper, folders, envelopes $700 / AED2581 / GBP450 for the year

Total to start the two schools $5644 / AED20,735 /GBP3525
This would be 150 people to donate $37 / AEd140 /GBP25 and they would provide the needs of two schools.

Together we can make this happen. Please share this post so we can make this a reality!


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