Elie Saab ignites our senses with La Collection des Cuirs

We are used to hearing the words sophistication, elegance and feminine when describing jaw-dropping designs by Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab

Now he has revealed an Haute Parfumerie collection inspired entirely by leather – one of the couturiers’ leading materials.

La Collection des Cuirs uses the designer’s couture fashion techniques and involves Cuir de Russie (Russian Leather) which was wildly popular during the Jazz Age in the wake of the Ballets Russes ballet company in Paris. The leather is inspired by the boots of the male Russian ballet dancers.

There are 4 dramatic scents in this stunning collection

CUIR BOURBON, like velvety blonde suede, blends Vanilla Bourbon within the warmth of musk and spicy accents of Safran for a voluptuous and addictive scent.

The luminous tropical flower Ylang-ylang receives accents of Incense and Birch in CUIR YLANG for an intoxicating yet harmonious blend similar to smooth leather.

CUIR PATCHOULI recalls grained leather in powerful presence lightened and uplifted by notes of Bergamot, Amber and Cinnamon leaf.

CUIR ABSOLU, for uplifting and layering as a Sublimateur de Parfum, the perfuming ritual is made ever more sublime.

elie-saab1Whilst all these are absolutely scrumptious, I have a clear favourite.

It’s deep, smoky and slightly masculine. The cumin and amber give it a sense of warmth and spice which is something that works well on the skin when living in the heat of the Middle East. The main note is that of Patchouli which is a popular ingredient in fragrance. The Patchouli dried leaf was used to transport linens in large chests years ago and this fragrance almost takes you back there.


This scent is ideal for this time of year, fall. It’s earthy, woody and a sophisticated pure, true bouquet.

If this is a little too heavy for you, just layer it with the  CUIR ABSOLU for a smoother more rounded aroma.

Just one more thing, I LOVE the magnetic lids on the bottles. It just adds another dimension of opulence and style.








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