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We all love products that work. We love them even more if they work for the whole family. But, we are ecstatic when the products have multi-purposes which not only saves us time but cash.

The guys at Forever Living say their lifestyle solutions are suitable and safe for the whole family. They say the products are proven to promote lasting wellness and health, are based around Aloe Vera, are herbicide and pesticide free. In this time of healthy living and wanting a greater understanding about the ingredients we put on and into our bodies, I delved a little deeper.

I sampled various of their key products for a few weeks to give you my true opinion and proper results. From everything I tried, these are my top picks and I have broken them down into two categories:

1- products for the whole family that have multipurpose properties
2 – for mum on the go who wants to look her best and fast – no fuss, no lengthy ritual


aloe-firstAloe First Spray
This is a one stop shop for literary all your family needs – it pretty much does everything.  It’s good for:
leave in hair conditioner
mosquito repellent
quick drying moisturiser
first aid spray
for cuts and grazes
soothes chickenpox
good for dandruff
Really, every home should have some!





Aloe Hand and Face Soap
Apart from the obvious, it’s super hydrating and paraben free. What you didn’t know is that you can also use it for:
Kids bubble bath
shower gel
and shampoo
So the next time you throw the kids in the bath, don’t worry about all the things you normally use, this does it all and safely.





aloe-gellyAloe Gelly
This one if for the family AND the mums.
It’s great for:
shaving rash
AND removing eye makeup!!!



Now on to a couple of treats for the mums.

The Aloe Facial
This comes are two components – Mask Powder and Aloe Activator.
It is suggested / recommended that once you apply this, you relax in a reclining position. Now, now, we mustn’t laugh at this. We all know that relax and recline position aren’t possible in our day-to-day lives (except when you have passed out on the floor of your kids’ room from sheer exhaustion). Nonetheless, I tried this and introduced my own method.

I mixed the two items together as per instructions, set my alarm for three mins and slightly put my head back on my office chair to ensure the mixture didn’t run off my face. I then got on with my work and let it do its magic. Oh, I should stress that my office is at home and maybe doing this at your external workplace isn’t ideal.
After ten mins, my face and skin was soooooooooooo tight and ridged that I almost gave up and rinsed the stuff off. I persevered and I’m glad I did as it’s doesn’t actually get any worse than this. After the 30 mins, I rinsed with warm towel and looked for the results. My skin was definitely smoother and a bit more even. For a quick 30 min facial at home, I was pretty happy with the result.

r3R3 Factor
It says, retain, restore, renew, but don’t they all. There are so many anti-aging products available that the consumer is totally swamped and fooled into parting with their hard earned cash for a glimpse at their more youthful self. You can tell I’m a bit jaded with such claims.

At 41 and been in the beauty industry from 15 years, I’ve tried them all. I need something super hydrating and normally I use a night cream as a day cream just to get the added moisture. So, does it work?
Retain –  it definitely assists in supporting and adding the skin’s natural moisture. It goes on silky smooth and is instantly absorbed leaving no residue.

Restore – my skin fells a bit firmer.

Renew – hard to say, but the overall appearance is firmer, brighter a more hydrated. So yes, I’m a fan.

Hope this helps you narrow down some of your family and personal product choices and check out
Michelle at or on Facebook Amazing-Forever or 052 665 1966 if you live in the UAE!

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