Find your perfect spring scent!

As much as these are all super yummy, I still have two clear favourite scents that complement my style, personality and mood.

My first choice became my favourite in the fall because of its heaviness and depth, but I have found that as the temperature heats up, it takes on a new aroma and whilst maintaining its earthiness and masculinity, it becomes more interesting. I say this because it’s the scent that most people ask me about when I wear it because they can’t quite work it out – which adds to its intrigue.

It’s deep, smoky and slightly masculine. The cumin and amber give it a sense of warmth and spice which is something that works well on the skin when living in the heat of the Middle East. The main note is that of Patchouli which is a popular ingredient in fragrance. The Patchouli dried leaf was used to transport linens in large chests years ago and this fragrance almost takes you back there.


My other favourite wafts like a breeze through the dunes of the desert. The fragrance seduces with classic Middle Eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious oud and the sweetness and depth of amber. The lingering soft musky base notes leave a final memory of the sweet experience. It perfectly encompasses the style of Dubai whilst staying true to its landscape and traditions. Perfumes don’t get more powerful than this.

Part of the luxury Velvet Collection, this Middle-Eastern inspired perfume has knocked other more affordable favourites  off the top spot.

As the product description explains, DG Velvet Oud “floods the senses, permeating so quickly and so powerfully that the chase ultimately becomes an unconditional and comforting conquest.”


Yes, a quick spritz of these woody notes will transport you to somewhere exotic, but there’s more to this scent than its rich, warming smell.

Aside from the slick packaging – it comes in a weighty glass bottle with a velvet embossed lid – the biggest selling point is that Desert Oud is for both men and women. A good unisex fragrance is a rare find.




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