Get your happy glow with Guerlain shimmer pots of magic!

Guerlain celebrates the 30th anniversary of the iconic Meteorites range, and is launching it’s Spring 2017 Makeup Collection.

Titled ‘Happy Glow’, the collection is built around the properties of pearlized colour that helps improves the skin tone using shimmering pastels as a colour palette. Pretty pink pastel colours are seen in the collection that is vibrant and very spring, and will surely bring a glow full of happiness to the skin.

Did you know…?

When faced with redness, a dark spot, an unsightly vein or a dull complexion, our misguided automatic reaction is often to cover it up (too much) with a concealer or unsuitable foundation products. Coverage is good, but if we go overboard, we usually end up with a complexion that doesn’t look like us: caked, stiff, etc. In other words, anything but natural.

THE ALTERNATIVE? Colour balance. To disguise a pigmentation disorder, nothing could be simpler than applying a product of the opposite colour to this flaw.

For example: in the case of blue-toned dark circles, make-up artists generally recommend applying an orange-hued lipstick (the opposite colour to purple). The same applies to redness, where you make a beeline for green, etc.

THE PROBLEM? The size of your make-up bag. Because if you want to remedy every potential skin crisis, you find yourself carrying a truckload of make-up products. All the more so as make-up artists insist on the need to apply a final touch of concealer to ensure that the correction is completely undetectable.
THE SOLUTION? These six shades of pearls blend perfectly under the brush for smart, multi-beneficial colour correction with an ultra-natural finish and a supernatural glow!

Meet your little life savers

The Météorites are seeing life through rose-tinted glasses with four irresistible collector’s items that celebrate all the softness of spring and give a rosy glow that boosts your mood as much as your complexion!


Light-Revealing Pearls of Powder

A new harmony with a combination of correcting and illuminating pearls to target signs of tiredness and reveal the skin’s natural radiance.

THE SECRET: the largest “Rainbow Glow” pearls deliver a luminous boost thanks to multi-coloured shimmer, while the three other shades each provide a specific benefit: champagne to reflect light, mauve to counter yellow hues and catch the light, and pink for a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect.



Light-Sculpting Compacted Pearls of Powder

Inspired by Météorites Voyage and their compacted micro-pearls of powder in a travel-friendly compact, this 2-in-1 blush and highlighter product enhances the skin’s glow.

IT COMBINES THREE COLOURS OF PEARLS: “Rainbow Glow” pearls deliver a luminous boost thanks to multi-coloured shimmer, pink pearls offer a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect, while fuchsia pearls revive radiance and create a fresh complexion.


No makeup collection is complete without a lipstick, and Guerlain brings the Kiss Kiss Shaping Creamy Lip Colour in Pearly Pink and Blossom Glow, giving a fuller pout with beautiful colour.


MÉTÉORITES THE BRUSH This is a redesigned brush with an improved, extremely practical design. It makes the Météorites’ iconic G* application technique as easy as pie. *Work from the middle of the forehead to the cheekbones along the temples, then continue towards the lower face and neck. Apply to each side of the face.

130169-13-GUERLAIN-Spring Pinceau FN

Et voila, healthy happy glowing you ready to face anything.



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