Giving back never looked this good!

Each humani-tee is a gift, a gift of hope and a better future.



Frontline Fashion and Fashlink (the Middle East’s premier shopping site) have teamed up with Dubai’s top movers and shakers. Uniting different ages and backgrounds, the campaign highlights how everyone can come together to give back. The campaign, shot by Plhong Flores, features construction and building material to showcase the tools required to building a better future.

All of Frontline Fashion’s profit is used to help break the cycle of poverty in this small community by providing a structural framework to support the provision of:

  • Love and care for the most vulnerable children.
  • Education (including English language) and life skills for the future.
  • Proper hygiene, meals, clothing and footwear to those who have none.
  • Safe and effective medical care.
  • Clean drinking water.
  • A supportive, committed and productive society for everybody.

Normality has not been restored in Haiti and the problems associated with the earthquake’s devastation have not gone away.  Images and reports of the wreckage no longer make prime-time news bulletins, but the Zanmi Project seeks to remind people that Haiti still needs our help.

The gorgeous girls on film are:

Selina Dixon, 32 (Nigerian / British) Head of marketing and PR for Mahiki

selina giving back

selina (5)

selina (2)

selina (9)


selina  giving back

Clare Geeves, 28 (Australian) Splash TV presenter

Clare EW

clare (2)

clare style conscious with social conscience

clare (1)

clare (7)


Heidi Raeside, 32 (British) Blogger

heidi (2)

Lola Lopez, 38 (Spanish) Founder of Volunteer in UAE

lola (2)


By uniting style and philanthropy, the Zanmi range by Frontline Fashion is the perfect platform to show how style can contribute to society in a positive way.

eid mubarak (2)

MGH at 8.5 months pregnant
MGH at 8.5 months pregnant


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