Gold Collagen Forte – the 90 day trial starts here!

This morning after getting 3 hours sleep (I hate when I can’t switch my brain off and insomnia takes over) I though it a perfect time to get started on Gold Collagen Forte which I have been reading a lot about lately! It’s specifically designed for over 40s skin so at 43, I’m exactly their target guinea pig, oh I mean audience. Gold Collagen states that if you take this for 90 days it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, support healthy looking skin, hair and nails, support hydration and elasticity. So basically everything I’m looking for – just a healthier, more hydrated me!

I don’t expected to take this little potion a la ‘drink me’ like Alice in Wonderland and poof, I’ll be ten years younger, but a little extra, in addition to my healthy food intake, can’t help. My skin is aged, tired and dehydrated. It has lived! It has had fun and I wouldn’t want to totally erase any of these tell tale signs permanently.

So I’ll pop up before and after shots so you can see for yourselves if there have been any improvements nae changes. I’ll also write a full review on the website for those of you interested to find out more.

Here’s what I look like on Day 1! Absolutely make-up free. not filter or anything to hid the flaws!


I am  going to kick start things off with one of their new GOLD COLLAGEN® HYDROGEL MASK.

The active ingredients work to moisturise and regenerate the skin for healthy skin, and improved texture and radiance.

A new, clinically proven skincare solution from GOLD COLLAGEN® . This hydrogel mask has been developed for dehydrated, tired-looking skin. The mask has been formulated with a unique second skin technology, that perfectly fits facial contours. Gold Collagen ® Hydrogel Mask provides an immediate cooling effect and releases its advance formula directly onto the skin, once it reaches body temperature, facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients.

  • Immediate cooling and soothing
  • Improve skin texture and radiance
  • Healthy looking and hydrated skin

So here we go and we shall see what’s revealed for the next 3 months.

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