Gold Collagen Forte trial – 30 days update

What’s your morning routine? On auto pilot, I always reached for a giant cup of coffee, but over the past 4 weeks I’ve reached for something else first (and then the coffee). I’m not one for looking after myself. I wash my hair around every 10 days. I don’t always cleanse, tone and moisturize- sometime I don’t even wash my face before bed 😭
I have nothing injected into my skin, no little helpers and very rarely find time for a facial.

Now, I was asked to try @goldcollagenFORTE for 90 days and report back my findings. My only condition was that I do this honestly. I have been working in the beauty industry for 18 years and have tried my fair share of miracle lotions and potions.

WEEK 2 update

I have a little make up on in the final image so you can see what I would look like when I leave the house.

If you cant rememeber how I started, see here for DAY 1 report! –

So this little drink replaces lost collagen from the inside as we all know is very difficult / maybe impossible for products to be absorbed into and reach the layers needed to help with anti aging. Gold Collagen  FORTE tastes great so I actually look forward to it.

It’s totally hassle free so for somebody lazy, oh I mean low maintenance, this works perfectly into my lifestyle. It’s also specifically for us gals over 40 when our years of having fun are a bit more obvious across our face. I’ll be honest, on week two, I felt my skin was drier than usual and I have VERY dry skin. But onwards and upwards and now, a month later I really believe you can see results. It’s like it’s starting from the middle of my face and moving outwards. AND my eyes look a little less droopy.

Here is Day 1, Day 15 and Day 30. I’ve tried to get the exactly same light, expression and area of my face to show you the genuine difference.

It’s probable easier to notice the difference if I show you Day 1 and Day 1


I’ve still to try for another 60 days and I can’t wait to share with you what happens.
Firmer, healthier glowing skin – I’m ready for you!!!!!

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