Haiti needs our help as the death toll reaches 900!

Hurricane Matthew has left behind widespread destruction across Haiti and killed over 900 people, now officials fear the death toll could increase as aid workers reach the worst-hit areas.

People are missing, hundreds are injured and over 600,000 are homeless. Worse still, there are warnings the aftermath could worsen the nation’s cholera epidemic, which killed at least 10,000 people after the 2010 earthquake (the earthquake killed over 250,000 in under one minute!).

From my time in Haiti, I can first hand report that this is a desperate situation and these people desperately need our help. There is one supply of water. It rushes through this broken down land full over EVERYTHING. Pollution, human pee, dead animals, peoples belongings. This water is used for bathing, cooking and even drinking. We MUST get fresh and clean water to those in desperate need.


An estimated 500,000 children live in the areas in the southern region most affected by Hurricane Matthew, UNICEF said in a statement. Agency representative Marc Vincent, who is in Haiti, said they are “still far from having a full picture of the extent of the damage” and “are hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst.”

I have been sent videos and images from my friends in Haiti which although show they are alive, depict the horrendous devastation which this poor county has to face once again.

Our school and orphanage are intact and fortunately nobody was hurt. Our main aim now is to get as much food, water and supplies to those in our community who have been left with nothing.


We need your help!

You can visit the shop page here and make a donation. Write Hurricane Matthew in the additional information box.

You can contact our on the ground partners ACTS directly at and make a donation there. Quote FrontlineF.

Alternatively, you can offer any supplies or donations to any organizations in your home country. We have to help, you don’t have to do it through me, just help if you can.

Our partners at ACTS is shipping over 325,000 meals to Haiti. Thank you Warsaw Feed my starving Children volunteers for your partnership with ACTS. They have already distributed over 15,000 meals , clothes and supplies to children and families in Haiti since Hurricane. Just 24 hours after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, they met with Pastor Alto to help his church and community. Over 120 families received over 4000 meals.

We are in need of 500 people to donate $25 each and we can ship 2 containers of food, water, an entire building, building supplies, tools, shovels, wheelbarrows, other supplies. We also will ship a bus filled with clothes, shoes, and other needed items.

Please help if you can!

Humanity is always in style! Together, we can make a difference.

If you want to read a summery of my time in Haiti click here 


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