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I’m not a fan of fake tan, there I said it. I hate the way it smells and I hate the way it looks – unnatural and blotchy. If you are unlucky enough to be covered in a carpet of white hairs like me, then it’s just useless.

That said, I don’t like wearing make-up during the day for pretty much the same reasons – it can look caked, fake and unnatural.

I’m lucky enough to live in a sunny place so, up until 3 years ago, I got my vitamin D fix (safely of course) and managed to avoid looking pasty white. That all changed when I had my daughter and lying in the sun relaxing, is a long, long, long distant memory.

When I was asked to try he-shi Day to day Gradual Tan, I was sceptical to say the least  – for all the reasons I listed above. However, since my golden glow and long gone and my desire to go back to a fresh face during the day was ever increasing I decided to give it a go.

I’ve been using this for a week now and I have to say I really like the results, I may even be a fan!

Midas touch he-shi

Day 1 – My first reservation is always the smell, you can smell fake tan from a mile off. I don’t care what other brands say about ‘new improved scent’ it still smells of burnt slightly curried chicken. When I opened the tube, I was pleasantly surprised; it smelled OK, actually pleasant. But is this a trick? When the potion reacts with my skin to make the tan, will I wake up tomorrow smelling like all the other orange people out there?

Day 2 – There was no dodgy smell, no residue on my pillow, hands not stained and my skin had a very, very, subtle glow. So far so good.

Day 3 – I have started using this as my morning moisturiser which I am surprised about. I have very dry skin and need something nourishing to help alleviate any dryness. However, he-shi seems to provide me with the moisture I require and it’s light on my skin (I still use my Neutrogena Hydro Moisture Boost at night).


Day 5 – My skin looks healthy, it’s looking more tanned but in a dewy, youthful, natural kind of way.

Day 7 – I’m sold! I really like this. I have reduced considerably the about of make-up I wear during the day and could actually wear nothing. The he-shi tan has provided me with what I was searching for. I look radiant, sun-kissed and healthy. Not a stink or orange hue in sight.  was also out in the sun at the weekend and the he-shi day to day Gradual Tan has enhanced this too.

If you’re looking for the perfect golden glow  this festive season, then the he-shi Day-to-Day Gradual Tan (Dhs87) is the product for you. Providing a flawless, streak-free finish, this gradual colour allows you to go as dark as you dare, without any UV damage. Leaving the best for last, this super handy bathroom addition is a multi-purpose product – a 3-in-1 tanner, tan extender and moisturiser!

I asked the guys at he-shi tanning for their top five tips on how to look like a glowing goddess of radiance and not a tangerine mess.



The key to achieving that gorgeous just-back-from-the-beach bronze is preparation so hop in the shower, shave your legs and lather up with he-shi Exfoliating Bodywash (150ml), Dhs72. This strawberry scented cleanser smooths away dead skin cells, making your tan last longer.


Every tanning slim-down needs a base coat. For foolproof colour, invest in a high-quality reusable mitt and you’ll never again worry about telltale tidemarks. he-shi Tanning Mitt, Dhs27 has a smooth surface, enabling you to glide on your new colour easily for a streak-free finish, and it contains a barrier to keep your hands stain free.


Lengthy bronzed legs is the easiest way to create the illusion of sleekness so get goddess-like by applying a darker hue to disguise cellulite – he-shi Dark Foaming Mousse (150ml), Dhs162 is perfect. Applying a streak of shimmery highlighter down your calf bone will make your legs look not only slimmer but longer too. Just want to trim your pins for Ladies Night? Wash-off he-shi One Day Tan (150ml) Dhs87 dries in just two minutes to deliver a commitment-free colour boost.


Create the illusion of shadow, tricking the eye into making you look leaner. Zap the dreaded bingo wings by applying bronzer along the underside of your upper arm. Slim down your waist by applying colour down the sides, from your ribs to hips, stopping about three inches either side of your belly button to add abs definition. Choose a long lasting product like he-shi Express Liquid Tan (150ml), Dhs126 / (300ml), Dhs222 to ensure complete poolside confidence, or a bronzer that’s resistant to water splashes like Tantastic Instant Tan Bronzer (150ml), Dhs69,


The key to prolonging your new streamlined look is not letting your skin dry out. You need a tried and tested performer here, making he-shi Souffle Moisturiser (150ml), Dhs75 the perfect choice to make your glow go further. For best results, use this light, uplifting and revitalising moisturiser immediately after the first shower following your tan application.


he-shi products are available at Toni&Guy salons across the UAE.

Tantastic products are available at Spinneys, Waitrose, Géant and Le Marché.

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