Transform your tired tresses from Cousin IT to Rapunzel.

treat your tired tresses

It’s been a long summer. Actually that’s a lie, it has gone so quickly because I have been in so many places, so many cities, so many beds that I am barely just finding my feet again now.

Whilst this has been incredibly exciting, fun and a wonderful time of adventure for little M, it has meant that I have had little time to look after myself. I’m not talking about anything as indulgent or luxurious as a spa or relaxation time, I am talking about the simple things like washing my face every night, brushing my teeth and taking care  of my overly long almost Amish long hair.

Yes it’s true it has been neglected. Yes it true I never look after it and only get to the hairdressers once a year. But to be honest, I’m lucky. Usually it just kind of takes care of itself. It’s pretty healthy and in good condition so I can maintain it with minimal effort.

That is until now. Not only has it been way down my list of priorities for the last few months, but with all the sun exposure, air conditioning, pollution and my favourite beauty breakfast ritual, chlorine (little M thinks she is a fish) it really has passed its best.

I’m a mum, a juggler a bit of everything rolled into one, so I need something quick and easy that actually works. Cue Label.M Intensive Mask.

This is one fantastic product! My hair was totally dried out and breaking, but after one application of this intensive conditioner my hair was so soft and totally rejuvenated! The difference in my hair was immediately noticeable – really soft and much stronger.

You just use it instead of your normal conditioner once a week et voila! My tired tresses are gone and I almost resemble Rapunzel instead of cousin IT from the Adams family.

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