Holiday haircuts for you and your tot

You might be tickled pink when it’s time for your tot’s first haircut or you might dread that moment when your precious darling’s lovely little locks get snipped.

We decided to go for a holiday trim to get rid of all the straggly bits resembling straw (or Worzel Gummidge for you 70’s kids).

It’s important to go somewhere that the staff are fully trained and know not only how to give a proper hair cut (not just the snip you do yourself at home) and also how to deal with unpredictable little ones. Your monkey might be a perfect angel on most days, but stick them in a weird chair with a weird plastic cape and a stranger holding, what looks to them like, gardening shears and who knows how they might react.

We headed to Caboodle at City Walk. We had been once before to check out the ‘Pamper and play’ option and also got have a look around and a proper feel for the place before committing to getting our new holiday hair here.

The staff are super nice and welcoming and really great with kids, so my mind was at ease. Little M was up first and to my relief, didn’t make a fuss. She happily jumped in the chair with the steering wheel to play with and wasn’t bothered at all – the stylist cutting her hair was equally impressed. She was very patient and only took off Little M’s hair how I wanted. As quick as a flash, it was over and the results were fab.

Next it was my turn. The great thing about Caboodle’s ‘pamper and play’ is that you get 30 mins free play for the kids while you get your tresses tended too. I paid for an extra 30 mins so that I wasn’t too rushed.

Little M had a ball and the attentive staff popped back ever 5 mins to tell me she was ok – they could obviously sense I was anxious.

Happy with our new haircuts, we are ready for our summer extravaganza 6 cities in 6 week. Wish us luck!

If this is a first haircut for your little one, you can get a lock of hair, Polaroid and a certificate as a keepsake for a small additional cost.

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