Infinite by Forever harnesses Aloe Vera for Anti Aging

Aloe Vera is natures best gift, it does absolutely everything your skin craves or requires and it’s all natural. Forever Living have based their entire range around the magnificent properties of this plant but their new Infinite Anti Aging skincare regime takes it one step further. These products made from Forever Living’s aloe include hydrating cleanser, firming complex, firming serum, and restoring crème. This is the latest in skin care designed to restore balance.

I’ve been in the industry a long time. I’m over forty, have tried just about everything and as a mum on the go, I need something that provides results simply.

Using the power of science and nature. this skincare system combines four unique products. Their experts found peptides, natural minerals, botanicals, desert plants and the latest skin science that not only complement Aloe, but actually increase its efficacy and benefits.

So does it work??

It claims to:

1 – Hydrate the skin – I have super dry and sun damaged skin and the one thing it’s always calling out for is hydration. This regime ticked all my boxes.

2 – Promote healthy collagen levels – I believe it did do this too. My skin was left feeling moisturized, smoother, firmer and more plump. The grey lifelessness tired look was staring to diminish too.

3 – Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – the jury is out on this one. This was not my overall goal to be fair. My aim was to achieve healthy, more even glowing skin. I want to wear no makeup as often as possible and not have people asking if I’m tired / ill. My face isn’t a complete write-off to start with, but the idea of looking like a fresher version of what one has is always appealing. That said, my two worst areas (for lines and wrinkles) are under my eyes and my forehead. I didn’t notice a massive change under my eyes, but my forehead was definitely smoother.

My verdict – 4/5

If you don’t want invasive procedure, Botox, fillers and all the other ‘turn back time’ nonsense, this is for you. You will see a difference after four weeks – you will actually start to see a difference after 16 days.

All photos taken between 8.30am and 9.30pm with no filters, no make-up or tweaking. Sometimes the light was a little different and in Days 29 and 30 I have only mascara on.

Read below for all the product info, science bit and how to use.

There are four components:

Hydrating cleanser – using morning and night.

It is full of potent, naturally derived ingredients like apple extract and apple amino acids that provide an immediate increase in skin hydration and antioxidant properties. The juice that flows through the apple tree has withstood environmental damage and change for thousands of years. They harnessed two key components of this vitamin-rich fruit: apple extract and apple amino acids to give this cleanser strong protection against the effects of aging.

Sodium cocoyl glycinate, derived from coconut and the amino acid glycine, is a mild, natural, moisturizing surfactant that is both hypoallergenic and non-irritating, leaving skin feeling soft without drying. Phytic acid, a naturally derived ingredient from rice, helps boost the effectiveness of antioxidants and is a free-radical scavenger itself. Sunflower seed oil, rich in linoleic acid and Vitamin E, breaks down dirt and debris, helping to rinse it gently from the skin.

Firming serum – use after cleanser morning and night

This bad boy targets aging from the outside in featuring one of skin science’s most exciting breakthroughs! infinite by Forever™ firming serum boosts the power of Aloe with a clinically tested ingredient, trifluoracetyl tripepetide-2. In clinical tests this single ingredient significantly improved skin elasticity and is known to combat progerin, a harmful protein that increases as you age and wreaks havoc on your skin. By mimicking natural skin processes, this three-amino acid peptide increases the appearance of firmness and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

That ingredient alone could be its own product, but they paired it with hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, a natural humectant, to support moisture and skin conditioners, firming serum is scientifically formulated so that Aloe achieves its optimal benefits to soothe and smooth skin. Yeast extract helps support collagen synthesis and natural skin defenses to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone while whey protein revitalizes the skin by increasing skin’s smoothness, firmness and thickness.

This stacked formula is a skin scientists’ dream bolstered with the power of nature and the most advanced laboratory findings to help you look and feel your best.

Restoring Crème – use after serum morning and night

Powerful botanical ingredients like acai and pomegranate provide antioxidant support while leaving skin feeling moisturized and smooth. The Centipeda Cunninghamii plant, native to Australia, works synergistically to enhance the many benefits of Aloe. Together, these ingredients deliver proven results for soothing skin, while vitamin B3 and beet root even out tone and texture to support a youthful complexion.

Ingredients such as squalane, jojoba esters, glycolipids and beeswax show significant moisturizing properties and help restoring crème sweep across your skin. An anti-aging essential oil blend of lavender, petitgrain, basil, eucalyptus, lime and orange peel support Aloe to replenish and rejuvenate parched skin.

To finish off this moisturizing powerhouse, they added the latest chemistry which provided a new sugar structure that improves skin’s water barrier and retention. As the final very important step in infinite by Forever™, restoring crème seals in all of the powerful benefits your skin has just received so you can start slowing the sands of time.

Firming Complex tablets – take two in the morning

Backed by two clinical studies, French melon provides Superoxide Dismutase, a key player of the antioxidant system to help fight free radical stress. Patented phytoceramides taken from European wheat*, replenish a key component naturally found in the skin that plays a crucial role in moisture-barrier function to support skin hydration and anti-aging. Taking collagen orally has shown to reduce the appearance in the depth of facial wrinkles and increase skin’s bounce, flexibility and hydration.

Finally, Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as contributes to normal collagen formation from the inside out!


Make sure you order yours now!

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