Life-threatening Hurricane Matthew swirls towards Haiti

As you know, FF is all about combining style and philanthropy. It all began in 2010 when I gave up 12 years as a fashion and beauty PR and went to Haiti to volunteer after the earthquake where over 250,000 people were killed in under a minute.

I ask that you think of my friends and children in Haiti during yet another terrible, unfair catastrophe that these beautiful people have to face. If you pray, please pray for my Haiti.

Rain and wind thrashed Haiti on Monday night and up to 40 inches of rain could be dumped on the impoverished nation still recovering from a 2010 earthquake.

haiti-rebuild_1183The eye of the storm is expected to make landfall this evening and that will probably happen off the western tip of the Tiburon Peninsula, which includes most of Haiti’s southern coast,

“Destructive waves” could push the storm surge to between 10 and 15 feet in parts of Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and a combination of weak government and precarious living conditions for most of its people makes it particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. More than 200,500 people were killed, in under a minute, when a 7-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 and many survivors are still living in flimsy, temporary accommodation.

The country and people are slowly starting to rebuild themselves, but the problems of what this disaster caused have not gone away and are not yet fixed. FF was set up to show how you can be “Style Conscious with a Social Conscience’ and our all profits from our Zanmi (the Haitian word for friends) collection of ‘Humanity is Always in Style’ tees go towards projects that we have set up in Haiti. You can find out lots more exciting stuff by checking out our HUMANITY section on the home page of watching some videos in our MEDIA section.

Humanity is Always in Style!

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