Little Explorers

Little Explorers has proven to be the perfect mix of fun and education for all children from the age of two to seven. A sanctuary where fun, safety and learning are the motto, Little Explorers delivers an environment where your children can acquire knowledge through playing and understanding through exploration.

While their children explore, parents will discover new ideas and learn new techniques to aid their children in better understanding and aid their children’s mental and physical development; bringing to life Little Explorer’s motto, “Kids Explore.Parents Discover”.

Little Explorers offers an immersive educational experience within five different zones allowing children to:

  • Construct individuality and social understanding

  • Realise spatial and time-related awareness
  • Augment their thought processes and spark their quest for knowledge
  • Expand their understanding of scientific theory and practice through their first scientific and technical experiments
  • Cultivate cognitive maturing and exercise their bodies (specially designed for non-reading visitors)


  • Little Explorers provides a range of workshops which have been designed for children between the ages of two and seven, with duration’s up to 90 minutes
  • The workshop offers include special school packages, which can be tailored to an individual group’s needs

  • Little Explorers creative and educational workshops and exhibits are in accordance to the school curriculum’s of the UAE


  • Little Explorers is an Edutainment Centre combining education and entertainment

It’s a great way for kids to have fun and learn. We are big fans of the Marina Mall branch here in Dubai.

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