Orbi Dubai

This is a truly unique and mesmerizing experience exploring nature and our planet Earth.
Millar was in awe and absolutely loved each installation. The staff were excellent and took time to explain everything and help if needed.

This interactive experience is a must for you and your little ones. It’s education and fun, so what’s not to love.
Millar still talks about the elephant poo and the gorilla that was chasing us in the dark.

Orbi consists of twelve different nature zones designed to create experiences that would be impossible in the real world – where visitors can soar through Earth’s skies, follow in the footsteps of polar explorers and experience the thunder of being placed in the centre of an elephant migration. The centrepiece of the attraction is the Earth Theatre, a 35-metre-wide screen with a powerful 3D sound system where the natural world comes to life through state of the art technologies including fog, vibratory sensations and fragrances.


Sheikh Mohammed Bin
Zayed Rd – Dubai


+9714 231 6252

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