Oxygen – a breath of fresh air!

Tired, stressed, run down and basically feel like crap most of the time? These are symptoms which so many of us are dealing with constantly, yet our fast paced, hectic lifestyles don’t always give us the opportunity to sit back, adjust and get healthy.

Wellness and good health is a huge trend right now. Get fit, eat healthier, eat better, sleep more are all things we are told to do. We try to do them, some of us even categorically do  do them, but sometimes it feels like is doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I recently popped in the Health Call at JLT to discuss a totally different matter. As Dr Arash Arabghani and I chatted, I wanted to know more about the more popular treatments and therapies the clinic offered. He said that Oxygen Therapy had not only saw an increase in popularity, but that people were feeling genuine benefits that caused them to come back time and time again.

Oxygen feeds the body, supports the immune system, destroys toxic substances and supports cell growth.

Now, to somebody of my age, when you mention oxygen, your mind throws you back to 90’s when Oxygen Bars were all the trend and Michael Jackson even slept in an oxygen chamber.

Don’t we breath oxygen like all the time?? Well yes, but it’s only around 20% pure oxygen, Think of all the pollution and yuk we inhale every moment. This type of oxygen allows the body to absorb around 90% of clean oxygen. By doing so, you send a more concentrated dose of oxygen to your muscles, brain and cells. NOT more (as some places claim),  your body can’t actually absorb extra oxygen!.

What can it do? It can:
heighten concentration, alertness and memory
give you energy
aid your immune system, thinking and sight
help to promote healing and speed up body’s recovery
help with headaches and migraines
lessen fatigue and feeling generally unwell
give a better sleep pattern

After a 30 min session, I was overly excited to see what differences it made as I suffer from all of the above.

I have to say that after a few hours, my head felt clearer, less noisy and less heavy. I felt I wasn’t as sluggish and just over all brighter. So if I was asked if it had any benefits, I’d say yes! The effect only lasted that afternoon and I am sure you would see additional results if you undertook this on a regular basis.

Info – as provided by Health Call Dubai based in JLT

How long does it take?  Our doctors do not recommend more than 30 minutes of high concentration oxygen per day.

How much does it cost? Medical grade Oxygen (what you received) costs 290aed in clinic for 30 minutes and 490aed at home.  Oxygen Bar (lower concentration) is around 90aed/10min, 120aed/20min, 150aed/30min.

How frequently should / can you do it? As long as you don’t do more than 30 minutes per day you can do it as often as you like, we have clients that receive it daily

Apart from your clinic, where can people try this?  We are located in Rixos Palm every Thurs – Saturday from 10am – 7pm. However Ramadan timings will start later in the evening and end later at night.  We are launching with CityWalk around September since it is an outdoor setting.

All that’s left to do, is breathe!




Maybe do your research on this topic as there as many skeptical view points.

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