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After spending over 10 years living the “high life” and working with a myriad of luxury clients, it was beginning to dawn on me that it was time I did something for others less fortunate than me. The devastating earthquake that destroyed Haiti was an eye-opener and, soon after, I decided to give up my career to help those who had suffered in that tragedy. The desperation of the situation really had an impact on me and made me more determined to help in whatever way I could. My six week stint in Haiti was life changing, and by the time I returned home I had decided what I would do to continue on this path.

philli woman of inspitaion02As an experienced public relations professional in the fashion and beauty industry, I firmly believe that people don’t necessarily have to shun the glamour and highlife of the style industry in order to make a difference to others, and that everybody can be style conscious with a social conscience! Determined to make a difference within the style sector, I therefore created Frontline Fashion, a progressive fashion, beauty & culture on-line magazine with a difference! My vision is to positively impact and change attitudes towards philanthropy and style.

In remembrance of the victims of the Haiti-quake, Frontline Fashion launched a clothing range known as Zanmi, the Haitian Creole word for Friends. The collection aims to raise awareness about the humanitarian aid required by the victims in Haiti, and to help raise the necessary funds to support dedicated projects.

What makes the concept of Frontline Fashion truly unique is that we donate 50 percent of our profits towards the various projects we have committed to, including in partnership with a US-based international volunteer group, the construction of a dormitory and an orphanage in the earthquake-destroyed country of Haiti.

Frontline Fashion enables supporters to see how their purchases and donations are being utilized and I believe such transparency is a powerful mechanism to inspire people, including my colleagues and peers, to stay passionate and committed towards the causes and projects that Frontline Fashion is backing.

I believe that all of us can channel our experience and expertise in philanthropic ventures and that I am an example of how fashion and style can contribute to society in a positive way. Frontline Fashion has truly helped me grow as a person and to help me see life from a more rounded perspective.

Looking the part is only the beginning…


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