Scooter Skate Park

This might be our last visit as even at 8am, it’s rather toasty. Another one of our fave weekend hangouts is the Scooter Park. It’s actually much cooler than it sounds, for a start it’s called Skate Park and is designed by skaters for skaters. However, they have catered for every age group and thing on wheels. There are scooters, skate boards and bmx bikes and some of these guys and gals have serious skills. I’m not sure if we go there for Millar or because of the uber cool dudes with awesome moves. Early in the day 8am-11am the park is specially for the little ones so that it’s a bit safer. That said even as this time, there are a few older ones and even lessons going on to perfect your skills.

Apart from all the wheeling action, the one thing that I am super impressed with is the kids at this place. No spoilt Dubai nonsense. No selfish little brats. they all look out and help each other. The amount of older boys and girls that rush over to help Millar when she has fallen and make sure she’s ok actually makes me cry. They wait patiently until she gets out their way before they go charging down the steep ramps. This is a true community and one that we will be visiting even more when the summer ends.

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