Shiseido brings you the secret fountain of youth – well, almost!

Centuries of Japanese wisdom bring you the future of beautiful skin. From the very first application of Future Solution LX, discover a perceivable difference. Each formulation’s superior texture and gentle fragrance promises uncompromised luxury, providing the ultimate solution for the future of your skin. Specially formulated with Shiseido-exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, the line is scientifically proven to increase skin’s resistance against aging and wrinkles.

This simply is one of the best skincare lines I have ever tried. It looks great on your dressing table, it smells divine and it works absolute wonders on your skin. It hydrates, it smoothes, it plumps and it fades fine lines, YES, it actually does that.

When you use these three products together, you can’t ignore the difference you will see in your skin in just a few weeks. I really don’t like wearing make-up during the day, but have to depending on how tired, dull and haggard I am looking. After using this, I only need a tiny smidge of concealer under my eyes. Now, I’m not saying is makes you look 20 years younger or turns you into a super model, but my goodness , I dare you to try it and not be thrilled with the results you see in the mirror.


Extra Rich cleansing Foam
A luxurious cleansing foam which lathers ultimately rich foam that envelops the skin as if to nurture it and thoroughly purify it, for a fresh and smooth feel.
It effectively removes impurities while maintaining skin’s essential moisture, preparing the skin to deliver effective ingredients of softening lotion in the next step.

・Use every morning and night.
・Dampen your face with water and squeeze a small amount of cleanser into your palm, adding cool or lukewarm water several times to work up a rich lather. The foam will remain on the palm, even if you turn your hand.
・Massage over face with gentle circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly.


Concentrated Balancing Softener
A luxuriously enriched softening lotion that helps renew skin’s vitalizing forces and encourages them to thrive. Skin’s optimal surface texture is revealed, and a youthful look emerges—bright, continuously smooth, and vibrant from within.

・Use every morning and night after cleansing skin.
・Pump twice onto a cotton pad, and smooth softener gently over the skin. (Repeat 2-3 times)
・Start applying in wider areas of the face such as the cheeks and the forehead, with strokes that fit against the curves of the face, starting from the center outward, blending slowly and carefully into the skin. (Repeat 2-3 times.)

Total Regenerating Cream
The ultimate night cream to help regenerate new skin’s vitalizing forces when they are most active at night. The creamy rich texture absorbs quickly into the skin, optimizing the skin environment and awakening the skin’s natural powers of vibrance so they thrive from within. The skin’s condition becomes ideal—resilient, firm and radiant. Visible wrinkles are also improved for a sculpted and youthful look.

・Use every night, after cleansing and balancing skin. ・Take cream onto the fingertips and apply it to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. ・Smooth the cream gently over the face, starting in the larger areas such as the cheeks and forehead. Move from the center of the face outward. (Repeat 2-3 times.) ・Finally, press both hands gently over your face, and cherish a moment of caring deeply for your skin.

Hope you like these as much as me. The three items cost $445 or AED 1,633.86, so if that’s a bit steep for you, why not pop them on your list for Santa!

Get yours at Sephora NOW!

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