Tips and Toes work their magic for the Ahlan Hot 100

Last week was a bit manic to say the least. I had three important events, three nights in a row in addition to the normal daily madness of work and mummy duties.

By the third night and my final event, I was looking and feeling ROUGH. I had(chose) to attend the annual best event in Dubai, The Ahlan Hot 100. This was my seventh year in attendance and I have been honoured to be part of the Hot 100 most influential people in the UAE three years in a row.

Tips and Toes is a company I know and trust. I have been going to them  regularly for treats and necessaries for my 8.5 years in Dubai. I have always gone to the JBR branch and know most of the girls really well. The downside is, they don’t do hair and makeup and without expert help for the Hot 100, my only other option enabling me to leave the house and see real people would have been a backwards balaclava.

Lucky for me one of their branches is based on The Palm so not too far away.

From the moment I stepped through their doors, I was looked after by professionals, but more importantly lovely human beings. I was in a bit of a tizzy (had to be in and out in just over an hour to get back for the babysitter) and I was feeling sorry for myself due to over indulgence.

I instantly felt more relaxed by their calm and friendly manner and then the pampering began with the best hair washing I had ever experienced. Anyone who had experienced a PERFECT shiatsu head massage will tell you how brilliant this can make you feel. Relaxed and calm, my fuzziness and feeling of utter dread at having to go out again had left my body. My hair was squeaky clean and I was ready to take on anything. Well anything once my face was fixed so that I no longer scared small children.

I wish I had got everyone’s names so that I could thank each of them individually and give them credit on here for being so fabulous, but alas, I wasn’t that organised – next time!

The girl who took over my face was brilliant. She understood exactly what I wanted and managed to work wonders in a short period of time. I wanted just a sun-kissed, summer, fresh, healthy glow ( I needed a time machine for that) and emphasis on the eyes – mainly because I needed them to look awake rather than filled with pain and dread.

Tips and Toes Ahlan Hot 1004

She used MUD make up to turn me from frog to princess.
For eyes :Ice eyeshadow for shimmer + espresso for the upper eyelid,

Little of bronzed shade for summer look

Used sunrise and endless summer for contour

Peace beige and cool Mauve for red chicks

And this is how fabulous it looked. I won’t show you the before as your eyes may start to bleed.

Now for the hair. I had had my natural curly hair for the past couple of evening so I was looking for something straighter but not boring. Again, brilliant results were achieved in little time and I was ready to hit the red carpet! She made it a little curlier than was discussed, but this was to allow the curl to fall in the balmy evening creating the look I had in mind.

Well, first I had to get home, make daughters dinner, do bath and promise that mummy will never go out again (3 nights not reading bedtime stories has put me in the bad books).

Tips and Toes Ahlan Hot 1001

This is the final result – impressive, I know. Just remember, it’s all hair and make-up and all thanks to Tips and Toes on the palm.

Tips and Toes Ahlan hot 10006

Tips and Toes Ahlan hot 10003 - Copy

Tips and Toes Ahlan hot 10001


Ladies, I salute you.

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