The Water Taxi – a mini marina adventure

It’s heating up big time in Dubai, but it’s still possible to do one of our favourite things – the water taxi.

We love the Water Taxi in Dubai Marina, Technically it’s called the Water Bus, but Millar has been calling it the Water Taxi since she could talk, so we’ve just one with it.

It’s just a 5 min walk from our house which is perfect and (when it’s not Ramadan) you can always stop off at Baker and Spice on the Promenade for some refreshments on the way there or back.

It’s fully air-conditioned, actually rather chilly, so perfect for the hotter months and it has 3 stops:

Marina Promidade
Marina Mall
Marina Walk

and it costs just 3dirhams a trip and kids under 5 are free.


It’s such a fun way for the kids to travel keep them entertained. We do this at least twice a week instead of taking the car as monkey needs to feed her Yo Sushi addiction at the Marina Mall. The whole trip is just a bit more of an adventure and there’s always a new boat or something to point out and talk about along the way.

Great for transport and keeping their little minds active.

These pics are from this time last year – how young do they look??


chillin’ on the water taxi


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