What is Frontline F?

A new and improved online place combining style, philanthropy, family & fun

Just like all good things that improve with age, multi-award winning Frontline Fashion has matured over the past five years and is proud to announce a relaunch under a new name – Frontline F – and a new, inspiring website. It covers the best things in life today from the worlds of fashion, beauty, family, fun and philanthropy, with its core value of helping individuals to be socially responsible whilst remaining stylish.

Frontline F is the brain-child of an experienced fashion and beauty PR turned entrepreneur (Melissa Gilchrist Higgins) who, after spending time volunteering in a disaster zone, realised that people don’t need to shun the glamour and highlife of the style industry in order to make a difference to others, and that everybody can be ‘Style Conscious with a Social Conscience’!

Since becoming a mother, Melissa has introduced the Little F section to engage with those who also have children, whilst still retaining a style relevance.  Whether it’s things to do with them around Dubai, how to keep the little monkeys entertained at home, mother and child style or just stuff for the modern mummy, this part of the mission is to embrace motherhood whilst retaining a mother’s sense of self, style and purpose.

The simplification of the title to Frontline F represents a shift in focus from exclusively style to a wider range of interests, and each reader can connect with the core ‘F’ areas within the new platform:  Family, Fun, ‘[F]ilanthropy’, Female and Fashion, whilst still being able to receive regular beauty updates.

Sitting alongside the on-line magazine, the stunning range of Humani-tees are the perfect way to show how style can contribute to society in a positive way. These simple tees and totes (emblazed with the Frontline F ethos, HUMANITY IS ALWAYS IN STYLE) help to raise awareness about humanitarian issues and generate funds to support dedicated social projects. The cost of just one Humani-tee is enough to send one child in need to school for one month.

Consider the new website a playground of practicality – juggling everyday life.  It seeks to instill confidence, a sense of self-worth and humility in its readers and a greater appreciation and understanding of life in general.

Whether you are a girl-on-the-go, or a mum-on-the-move, we are all allowed to look and feel our best! And, more importantly, we can all be ‘Style Conscious with a Social Conscience’ and make a difference, one child at a time!

Looking the part is only the beginning.

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