You click, we jump – out of a plane. FF skydive for Haiti.

As far as ways of attracting attention to a cause go, throwing yourself out of a plane is up there as one of the boldest.

In recognition of the anniversary of the devastating Haiti earthquake, the team at Frontline Fashion threw themselves out of a plane. The big jump took place on the 13th of January (one day after the 2 year anniversary of the earthquake).

The fearless Frontline Fashion team aim to raise awareness and funds for their foundation projects, which include the continuing construction of a dormitory and an orphanage in the earthquake-destroyed country of Haiti.

Whilst this activity may be a fun and exciting experience (well for those watching anyway) our founder hopes that the stunt will remind individuals that Haiti has not been fixed and the problems associated with the earthquake’s devastation have not gone away. Images and reports no longer make prime-time news bulletins, so the world needs to be frequently reminded that Haiti still needs our help.

The need for shelter for children became an immediate priority and your donations can assist in providing a stable environment for these homeless children. Our orphanage and dormitory will provide beds and shelter, food twice or more daily, clean water, tuition and books for school.

You can help make a difference and you don’t even need to leave your desk. All you need to do is click HERE to support Frontline Fashion’s continuing work in Haiti, and we will jump out a plane.

Help, heal, hope and build a brighter future for Haiti.

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