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I am always on the lookout for cool baby / kid brands our outlets. Nowadays, everything seems to be mass produced and you spot 10 of the same outfits just walking down the street.

At the moment, I’m in story-board-hell trying to put together a stylish new room for Millar. Something quirky and a bit different, but that still has a happy child feel – after all it is for her and not for me. I’ve come across some brilliant unique online stores for kids that offer ‘not the norm’ items for kids room, wardrobes and toys.

I’ll put together a features on kids rooms next month. Where possible, I also try to seek out places that stock organic or ethically sourced product.

I was delighted to find Noah’s Garden which is the first online eco friendly store for babies and toddlers in the Middle East, founded by two first-mothers Habbabeh Al Abbas and Lulia Al Fardan.

We felt compelled to share our knowledge and research into the best products available for babies. We are a brand-new, homegrown, Emirati brand and the first online organic store in the Middle East. Noah’s Garden offers stylish, natural, organic and environmentally-friendly products, ranging from nappies, apparel, nursery decor, baby skincare, bottles and utensils, toys, and maternity and postpartum products.

A year and half since deciding to go into business together, Noah’s Garden launched with some of the world’s finest brands. From celebrity concepts like Sapling by Jamie King, Mini La Mode and Lexie Pexie to Seedling, Modern Lil and more – they have the very best available at the click of a button

I love the fact that Noah’s Garden believes in being able to live a fashionably organic lifestyle, with the aim to enrich the bond between mother and child. They want to offer a ‘resting place’ for mothers and families to find support.

My fave items at the moment are

Luckyboysunday little Nulle

Handsmock Dress & Matching Bloomer Set in Coral Bird

Veggie Egg Dying Kit. Millar and I can’t wait to have fun with this.

THE BONNIE MOB Peeping Bunny Shawl

Check them out for yourselves

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